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Biodrug s.r.o. company has been in operation since 2014 as the holder of the registration of medicinal products and trading company for biologically active medicinal products. The company's activities are currently geared towards the Central European region with the ambition to open new business opportunities for medicinal products such as vaccines and other immunologically active substances for human use.

The company provides complete services for representation in the field of registration of the medicinal product, pharmacovigilance, preparation and implementation of clinical studies, marketing and contracting.

Product portfolio

We are an exclusive marketing authorization holder for vaccine against tetanus called VACTETA vaccine and for vaccine against tetanus and diphtheria called VACDITE vaccine. Our portfolio includes BCG vaccine, snake antivenom and botulism antitoxin as well.

For these products, we provide complete service from registration through reporting obligations, marketing and public relations, pharmacovigilance and compliance with the obligations of the institutions. Products are provided with information in accordance with the legislation.

Tetanus toxoid

VACTETA is indicated for active immunization against tetanus (primary vaccination and reconstitution) or post-traumatic prophylaxis in children and adults with undetermined or unintended preventive immunization against tetanus.

Available packages

Drug form
Suspension for injection

Tetanus toxoid, combinations with diphtheria toxoid

VACDITE is intended for active immunization of adolescents and adults against tetanus and diphtheria according to the national vaccination schedule.

Available packages

Drug form
Suspension for injection

Viper Venom Antitoxin
Hadie antisérum

Viper Venom Antitoxín obsahuje špecifický IgG immunoglobulín, ktorý viaže jed vretenice Vipera Berus, teda neutralizuje jeho toxicitu.

Dostupné balenia

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MVDr. Milan Fišera

commercial director
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PharmDr. Kristína Červenáková

pharmacist EU QPPV
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Monika Korpášová

associate consultant
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PharmDr. Kristína Červenáková
pharmacist EU QPPV
+421 908 445 510

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